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An overwhelming total of 9.5 million followers both domestically and internationally. BLACK DIAMOND started its activities as an artist in March 2023.
BLACK DIAMOND will perform their first one-man show on the big stage of Zepp DiverCity on February 26th. Prior to the performance, digital singles are currently being distributed for 5 consecutive weeks! ! The last piece before the live performance is "Get Down"!
The most unique? GetDown is a work by Kentaro Ho, the brain behind the band "KIGO".
There is a sense of humanity in the melody, which is a mix of downers and highs.
I can only be strong because of you. This work was created by the young artist Kentaro Ho, projecting the members' relationships with such people.

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    A natural diamond of the precious jet black. Because it is said that it is the most firm in a jewel without being tainted with several colors, I have the meaning of a "success" "dauntlessness" "charisma". The diamond group holds an audition for such an uncut stone, and the unit which is a bizarrerie bar is born. I advocate a big concept called the empowerment of the woman and am the birth of the unprecedented dance vocal unit.

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