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From Tokyo Kamata Station Street singer Tabi-ryu Soichiro
Heartfelt new single.
This song, titled "Bonyo", is a song with realistic lyrics about Tabirasu Soichiro's present day.
Speaking of nameless street singers, it's still better, and he's 55 years old this year.
Songs of a man with nowhere to go, singing on the street where no one stops.
But, no, that's why the cry of the heart, the song of the crowd,
The future of travel style lies in those who listen to this song.

Produced by Shinya Tama (Pokasukajan)

Participating musicians
Mahito Fujiwara (Pf) / Kenjiro Ando (As)
Kurakata "jeff" Masahito (Wb) / Kenjiman (Eg) / Yuzo Yoshioka (Dr)

Artist Profile

  • Soichiro Tabiryu

    Active as a street singer and actor. 1990-Started activities at live houses in the Tokyo metropolitan area. After that, he toured all over Japan. He also provides music in various places while traveling. 2017 Single "Horibe Yasubei" Major debut from UNIVERSAL ASUTA. In the same year, he made his debut as an actor at Oedo Wahaha Honpo Entertainment Theater. Currently, every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at the east exit of Kamata Station in Tokyo Live on the street from 8:00 to 9:00 pm.

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