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But The Days Were Falsehood

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Tokyo-based four-piece rock band A To Fade In, with new member Aoi Yumi (Ba), is releasing their EP.

The first track, "But The Days Were Falsehood" rearranges a signature song played since the band's inception as a trio, now reinterpreted with the full quartet. It's a song akin to a letter penned from introspection and regret. The second track, "Fetching Water" depicts a landscape of summer lethargy, morning light, artificial coolness from the air conditioner, and the mingling consciousness of past sins.

Both tracks draw reference from emo and post-hardcore, featuring delicate yet sometimes fiercely distorted ensembles that make use of twin guitars. Yet, they also embody A To Fade In's characteristic literary lyrics and resignation, expressed vividly.

Continuing from their previous work, the mixing is once again handled by Yuji "KJ" Kamijo, while the jacket artwork features artwork by the photographer NaNaHa.

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