project lights Best Collection -Vol.03-

  1. Tricolour Lovestory
  2. Alstroemeria
  3. [If]
  4. White Canvas
  5. Zuuto Need a chance!!
  6. Dear friend
  7. Drawing
  8. Hannbunn no mahou
  9. Ramune2017
  10. Ruriiro
  11. Natsuzoramirai
  12. kasane
  13. Kissing you
  14. Ariakezukuyo
  15. Giftoxic
  16. Meteorite stream

A variation that surpasses the previous time, packed with intense rock, cute pop music, and ballad songs representing project lights! A superb vocal collection with 16 songs featuring the theme song and ending theme of the game work sung by powerful vocalists!

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