Lenses on Her Heart (Original Film Soundtrack)

  1. The First Train
  2. Eclipse
  3. Summer Sky
  4. Crowded Train
  5. Reasons to Smile
  6. Twilight Bus
  7. EI Genius
  8. Sunshine Ship (feat. Funabashi Philharmonic Orchestra)
  9. What Should I Do
  10. Sea of Katsuura
  11. 3 People, 3 Nights
  12. Full Moon
  13. Eclipse - Reprise -
  14. With You Forever
  15. Lenses of Hope (feat. Funabashi Philharmonic Orchestra)

Original soundtrack of Japanese film
"Lenses on Her Heart" (2018)
Music by Saki Kamimura
Performed by Funabashi Philharmonic Orchestra,Yoshida Uchu Strings, Saeko Kobayashi and Saki Kamimura

Saki Kamimura

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