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RIS is a Japanese singer, guitarist, songwriter and musician. (Genres: J-pop,rock,punk,new wave, glam rock, electro pop, digital rock, synth punk etc.,) Sound Produced by Ken Miyo(The MORTAL/u crack irigaru) Additional Musicians: Yuto(NightRetriever, BUCKS) ,Tadashi Hasegawa(Plastic tree),CHARGEEEEEE...(Omega Dripp, ZIZ, bulb, ZIGGY, Marty Friedman...etc)

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  • RIS

    RIS is a Japanese singer, songwriter, guitarist, and entertainer. A unique J-pop act, she is influenced by flamboyant genres of alternative rock, including glam, punk, new wave, synth pop, and dance punk. A long-time live performer, she has opened for female rock pioneer Suzi Quatro and British synth pop legend Visage. RIS collaborates with major artists, including YMO lyricist Chris Mosdell.

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