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    Based in Kobe, the founder of FLAT FRANKEN, twin_B, driven by the dream of performing at the Budokan, decided to form a crew. Choosing diverse members with skills in singing, charisma, fashion, and more, they sought a balanced mix of personalities. Inviting kanter initially, they later added 808 and 2uma, forming a four-member group. Despite being strangers, they instantly connected in the studio on their first meeting and began recording the same day. The group name, FLAT FRANKEN, was decided along with the creation of their first songs on the memorable formation date of April 20, 2021. In April 2023, they held their first one-man live at Kobe VARIT., captivating a substantial audience. The group's ability to gather members with diverse backgrounds and networks, working together towards a common goal, resonates with fans.

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