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New unit started! "Socca".
The first single "Yuki no Ashioto" will be released on Friday, March 25, 2022.
<Self review>
I watched the pieces of snow roll across the surface of the roof as I made them.
It's like I've known it for a long time, or like I'm seeing it for the first time.
The vagueness of memory is like the glare of snow.
There are as many worlds as there are people, worlds that exist only inside of us, worlds that are unseen, worlds that cross paths, worlds that are blown away by the wind. They roll on and on without any time for questioning until the road comes to an end.(Chima)
This was the first song we chose from the songs we brought to each other when we started working on the project.
I had a free idea to assemble harmonies and rhythms to the melody like a puzzle.
I play with voices that speak in my ear or drift on the wind.
The color of each note and the placement of each note are carefully chosen to create a dramatic finish.
Like a story where several worlds intersect without people knowing.(tuLaLa)-----------
Music,Lyric,Vocal : Chima / Arrangement,Programing,All Instruments : tuLaLa / Mixing : Shizuka Kanata(Chameleon Studio)/ Mastering : Hirokazu Tsuruha (HIT STUDIO)/
Artwork : Susumu Matsuura

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Yuki no Ashioto

Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Nicaragua • TOP 31 • 20 Mar 2023

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Yuki no Ashioto

Spotify • 静寂と黄昏 • 25 Mar 2022 Spotify • Home Bound • 25 Mar 2022 Spotify • Women's Voice • 25 Mar 2022 Apple Music • New In: J-Pop • 25 Mar 2022

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  • Socca

    stylish chill sound!New unit started! "Socca". The first single "Yuki no Ashioto" will be released on Friday, March 25, 2022.The second single will be released in April. Two consecutive months of single releases!Singer-songwriter Chima, who captivates with her falsetto, whisper voice, and edge voice, and sound maker tuLaLa, who creates dreamy and sophisticated sounds, have teamed up for the first time in 10 years to create the first sound that has been carefully refined in the studio. It's a cool piece that brings out each other's individuality and a new breeze! A playful electric pop with a touch of beauty and fragility created by the two of us! Enjoy!The name of the unit is "Socca".We both have a common habit of saying, "I see." In the midst of our days filled with various realizations I want to make new discoveries and experiences as a unit. -Socca profiel---- Chima, a university student who moved from Osaka to Sapporo, and Kayo Shimokawa, a sound producer, met and started making music together.Chima's first single "Kokokara..." was released in 2010, and their first mini album "Suzuran" was released in 2011.After working in different fields, in 2021, Chima participated in the picture book "LOMP" with tuLaLa (Kayo Shimokawa's solo project) as a featured vocalist.This led them to team up again in a new form and form "Socca".The artwork was created by Susumu Matsuura, an up-and-coming printmaker based in Sapporo who has been active in Hokkaido, Japan, and overseas. -Menber profiel---- Chima/Singer-songwriter from Osaka, living in Hokkaido. Spent her childhood in Germany and the United States. After returning to Japan, she was moved by the sky of Hokkaido and moved from Osaka.Inspired by the music scene in Sapporo, she decided to pursue a career in music.Carrying a guitar on his small body, he has been touring around Japan to perform live.In recent years, he has been involved in a wide range of activities, such as producing and singing music for TV animations, movies, and commercials, providing music for other artists, and producing picture books. In addition to his own solo activities, he is also active as "ikire" with multi-creator Shunji Iwai and guitarist Kazunori Ichikawa (Wool and Ohana). /tuLaLa/Solo project of composer, arranger, and sound producer Kayo Shimokawa.The artist's name comes from the icicles of her extremely cold hometown where she was born and raised. She has released a solo album that blends electric music with a dreamy, visual world. Her love for strings has led her to co-host the "Strings" event with ROTH BART BARON. tuLaLa has collaborated with a variety of artists, including Masaya Mifune, remixes for UQiYO's "151A," short film music, and picture books with calligraphers and art creators. tuLaLa's niche love of Western music has led her to create a podcast music show on Spotify.At the same time, he composes, arranges, and produces music for Office Queue, which includes voiceover artists such as Eir Aoi, Yo Oizumi, and Ken Yasuda, as well as TV animations, movies, stage shows, and commercials. Chameleon Label, which is based in Sapporo, continues to release their artists all over Japan.

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