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This work is inspired by the classic masterpiece "The Little Prince" and is finished with more diverse songs than ever before. Taking advantage of the situation in which live performances are not possible actively, by repeating production more than ever, the sense of unity as a band has increased dramatically, and the world of sound filled with numerous variations in addition to the precision of the composition. Spread. This song is a work that opens up a new realm of relaxation music that makes you feel as if you are being sucked into the starry sky, and it is sure to satisfy a wide range of people.

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    Artist Biography & Story- SAJIMS is a Japanese brother duo formed in Bali in 1993 by SACOON (older brother) and UCOON (younger brother). After gaining popularity at school festivals in the late 1990s, they gradually fused elements of funk, techno, disco, rock, synthpop and house music. They want to become one of the most influential artists in dance music history. -Until formation- In 1993, SACOON and UCOON, who were famously not on good terms with each other, were formed in Bali, where they hit it off because they were both interested in rock and soul music such as Jimi Hendrix and Motown music.

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