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KOOHII RUNBA (Cover Version)


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KOOHII RUNBA (Cover Version)

  1. KOOHII RUNBA (Cover Version)

April 13 is "Coffee Shop Day" in Japan. On April 13, 1888, Japan's first coffee shop "Kohi-Sakan" was opened in Ueno, Tokyo. At that time, coffee was a trendy, high-quality drink. It was a coffee shop like a cultural hall where you can enjoy not only coffee but also billiards, go,shogi and so on. The opening date of the coffee shop "Kohi-Sakan" is "Coffee Shop Day".

This month we will release "Coffee Rumba".
This song has two translations. The translator of the song sung by "Sachiko Nishida" was "Seiji Nakazawa" and the translator of "The Peanuts" was "Hiroshi Araraka".In addition, various musicians cover or recreate this song.

The original song is "Moriend Cafe" written and composed by Jos? Manzo Perroni, and it became a worldwide hit with the performance of Ugo Blanco. Let's Sing along and have fun, boost your immunity and blow off corona stress!

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