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She was always out-going. No matter how gruelling, that small soul burned bright until it's final moment.
So, regardless of the truth, laugh it off. The world is unforgiving, but surely it'll all be okay.
Aspire to keep your tail up, just like her.

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    A solo project by AIZEN. Incorporating conflicting themes of harmony and fusion and a whole body experience in composite artistry, he is aiming to further expand on the hard rock and heavy metal genre to create not only a new sound, but a new dimension. Aizen : Having started on the piano and laying a foundation on music theory from an early age, he began his career in music from his late teens. He joined the rock band 'RIVIED' in his early 20s. Later, he had a brief break from music, in conjunction with the temporary hiatus of RIVIED, he made his comeback. This time with all guns blasing. Selling out multiple solo shows and events, and other than live houses, performing to large crowds in various events such as the local Jozenji Street Jazz Festival and the Totteoki Music Festival. In January 2015, as the lead singer of RIVIED, he released 'Re:Birth' througout Japan. He did the vocals and had a hand in the guitars. He did all the arrangements, producing and engineering on the album. He also placed in the 2015 Shimamura Music recording contest 'Torecon' with the RIVIED song, 'Keeper of the Symmetry' (which can be found on the Re:Birth album). Aizen has played solo shows at various venues such as, the popular wedding hall 'SORANOWA'. He is working widely as an engineer, creator and arranger, while also writes and produces for other artists. He is also working as a radio personality on the long running radio program 'RIVIED TIME' every Friday at 9pm. At this point in time, the show is in its 6th year. Furthermore, from August 2016, the solo project 'AIZEN' begins! At the present, he is as well as working on new music for his upcoming solo album, playing various live shows with his awesome backing band.

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