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Everyone, we're excited to announce the release of "hatoba," the second single of 2024 from Super Climbing Club! This track features a dramatic development using a 7/8 time signature, which has been especially well-received during our live performances. This time, we've added "bold arrangements" to the song, further amplifying its depth and emotional impact.

As the title "hatoba" suggests, this song evokes the feeling of standing on a quay, looking out over the vast sea, and sensing the anticipation of a new journey. Through this track, we invite our listeners to a new horizon of music. With its complex yet comforting rhythm and melodies that stir the heart, "hatoba" represents a new musical expression for us, Super Climbing Club.

We hope you enjoy "hatoba," a new step in our musical journey. We look forward to bringing fresh excitement to your daily life.

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Spotify • Monday Spin • 26 Feb 2024

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