Let me dance!

  1. OGUN
  2. Rhapsody in blue
  3. Mambo No.17
  4. CUE
  5. ORULA
  6. El compas roto
  7. VOYAGER (Bachata Ver)
  8. VOYAGER (Chill Trap Ver)
  10. Suitcase
  11. Tone 11

TAKUMI KATO who is also a professional salsa dancer, produces music for his showcase. Unique music that incorporates various genres such as Salsa, Bachata, Tango, and Afro beat based on electronic music.
Only the person who actually dances knows the rhythm well!

Past Rank In

Let me dance!

iTunes Store/エレクトロニック トップアルバム/日本/1位/2020年5月17日 iTunes Store/総合 トップアルバム/日本/193位/2020年5月17日

VOYAGER (Chill Trap Ver)

iTunes Store/エレクトロニック トップソング/日本/93位/2020年5月27日

Tone 11

iTunes Store/エレクトロニック トップソング/日本/181位/2020年5月27日


Takumi is a music composer. Well known as TAKU established professional Salsa dancer and choreographers .(World Salsa Championship Finalist 2009 2010 ) Since 18 years old,he has been making his original music grooving expressions while dancing .Activities stretch out to various dance scenes.

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