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Calla Lily








Calla Lily 咲く頃に



Calla Lily 咲く頃に

風に揺られる Calla

風に揺られる Calla

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    Dan Shutt

Calla Front Cover

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NTsKi 2nd album. The field-recorded sounds of nature, the fluctuating rhythms and voices, and the organic sound are warm and intimate, while NTsKi's distinctive melancholic voice reminds one of nostalgia and good old-fashioned Japanese songs. Throughout entire album, more Japanese lyrics are used than ever before. The songs contain words to express feelings, memories, and love for her mother as she traces her happy memories from her childhood to the present after her beloved mother passed away last year. An album capturing love is delivered to the world, where each listener can feel intimacy with their own experience.

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  • NTsKi

    NTsKi (pronounced like N T S K I with each letter said one at a time) is a Kyoto-based artist/musician. She began making music while living in the UK and began working in earnest in 2017 after returning to Japan. She works seamlessly to create tracks with gentle but somewhat eerie vocals and a mixture of diverse musicality. In 2021, she has been selected as one of the newcomer artists who will open up the 2020s by Bijutsu Techo which is one of the most famous art magazines in Japan. In addition to her self-produced works, she has participated in the works of Giant Claw, CVN, Shokuhin Matsuri a.k.a foodman, Dengaryu, KM, etc. Also, she has contributed music to the Japan Pavilion hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry at SXSW 2019, where Yoichi Ochiai was the general director, virtual singer te'resa, and an Australian bag brand. On August 6th, 2021, her first album "Orca" was released via Orange Milk / EM Records. The album has been selected as Album Of The Day on Bandcamp, and also charted #3 on Apple Music Japan Electronic Top Album Chart.

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