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From the intro, I thought it was a four-on-the-floor dance number, but it's a medium number with a gentle and warm piano and band sound.
The colorful and infinite sky is expressed with Hiro's unique worldview with a sense of transparency.

"When I took a detour and walked, I met you who I was looking for"
And finished with a song that gives you the courage to take a step forward.

The jacket was designed by illustrator Moka Yoshino. The 21st fairy tale of Hiro 365 days, packed with two colorful magics.

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  • hiro365bedtimestory

    Hiro   Birthday August 22 Blood type AB type       2010 Indie debut as TICATICA's vocal HIRO. As a quartet band with pop and fantasy theme by rock, I perform lots of live, events, radio appearances and street live activities. All songs are lyrics and composition.   July 2013 Enter the domestic event finalists of the world's largest live contest «Emergency Music · Festival». The stage of the final was held in Shibuya O-EAST in front of 1,500 spectators.   2014 Three singles in 4 years to «Across the bookmarker» «LITTLE CALENDAR» «Smile's Stars» «Windy Road »of download card Delivered on itunes «sugar dream» released.   2014 In September we started activities as a bass player of Masuzawa 2015 In July, I released my first punk sound on the 1st mini album «I was on your youth's page», which I covered jacket design.   August 22, 2016 Hiro officialwebsite begins the story of 365 days.

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