1. good girl
  2. trying

Tielle, who has been active as a singer for SawanoHiroyuki [nZk], will start her first solo single "BETWEEN" in earnest as a new artist.

Songs, "good girl" and "trying", represents the time "between" childhood and adults which struggle in two kinds of love songs. "BETWEEN" is also express Tielle 's time of own growth process.

This single with a different expression depending on which one you listen to first. these produced by Yosh from Survive Said The Prophet and DAIKI, a beat creator who expresses a variety of sounds regardless of genre.


Tielle Individual female artist with voice that combines delicacy and strength. Under the influence of my father, a pianist, grew up with music since childhood. After living in New York before debuting, I decided to create music that goes beyond borders, gender, and race to the world. After returning Japan, as a solo singer, started earnest career. In 2015, During the vocal audition of the composer "Hiroyuki Sawano", I was selected as guest vocalist for "Into the Sky", opening theme song of the TV animation "Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE: 0096" Since then, i have been participating and vocalizing many songs. Unique range of key and high expressive power attract attention from fans. In 2019, i started solo activities.

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