Utsunomiya Thunder Road (feat. Araian Setzer)

  1. Utsunomiya Thunder Road (feat. Araian Setzer)

A corner of the Kanto region of the island country floating in the Pacific Ocean,
Tochigi Prefecture prefectural office location,
It 's not that big, it 's not small,
The theme of the city of thunder, Utsunomiya,
The song reminiscent of Rock'n'roll, Rockabilly, swing, Boogie-woogie and the lyrics that Utsunomiya of the 80s saw
"High Touch" introduces the hot nights of Utsunomiya to the whole world.
"Utsunomiya Thunder Road"

High Touch

In 2010, formed as an acoustic unit of vocal and acoustic guitar. Currently, it has grown into a six-person organization, and it became a J-POP band composed of the rare animal Kazunari Kodaira(Vo) and rare animal addict Ikuo Sasanuma(AG) and pleasant friends, Toshihito Kakinuma(B), Takashi Akiba(Dr), Haruna Akiba(KH), Yuna Yoshida(Key). We play original song which can enjoy blend of easy-to-understand melody and difficult lyrics. The Burnning vocals and the refreshing chorus that supports them pervade the watching side. Come on, you who saw the scary thing, please ask at the front row at your own risk.

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