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Nanakorobi Hatimanoki

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Majority band "Owarism Benkei" by about 30 people in total will be released! The songs include a large number of original songs that excite the live performances, "Nanakorobi Hachimanki", and "Sake Shochu"! The power of heavy music such as multiple vocals, dancers, percussion, saxophone, trumpet, keyboard, synthesizer, euphonium, accordion, etc. is a masterpiece! In addition, during the live performance, the members produce and distribute snacks themselves, decorate the stage, etc., and Benkei continues to stand in the center. There is no doubt that you will be captivated by watching and listening to the powerful performance of many chaos!

Artist Profile


    Formed in Tokyo in summer 2009. A great band led by Leader and Drums. When Jiro dies on a street, he encounters the spirit of "Musashibo Benkei" between life and death, and is saved. Being shocked by the back of Benkei as seen in a dignified consciousness, he decided to form a large music unit "Owarism Benkei" to express its enormousness. Since then, he has continued to summon Benkei in various locations. On stage, a special festival formation centered on Benkei was developed. It is a big band organization, but it has a rock-and-dancing beat and smashes the live floor with a hell unison that expresses the enormousness of Benkei. The number of members continues to increase in a progressive manner, and now they are not limited to music alone, following the stage art team "Benkei Dai cruelty" that creates the supreme festival space and the catering team "Great Famine Restaurant" that provides blissful times. We are developing a comprehensive performance.

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