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shakuhachi in forest (Extracted Ver.)

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Composer and arranger MAKI codeM has spent about 20 years writing a total of 11 songs (some are short versions) for fusion music with the shakuhachi and other Japanese and Western instruments. From the originals to the arrangements, each piece offers the relaxing effect of the shakuhachi's overtone-rich tone and the uplifting feeling of its stirring melodies. Full versions of all 15 songs can only be purchased on iTunes and other album downloads.

The shakuhachi artists include Takuya Iwata, the 2012 world shakuhachi champion, and his trio Hannya Empire with Akihisa Kominato and Hiromu Motonaga, as well as the Shakuhachi Project with Yukihiko Mitsuka, Junya Okochi and Naoki Matsushita. There will also be plenty of ensembles. This is a piece that allows you to fully enjoy the new appeal of the shakuhachi as a traditional instrument.

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