Light and Shadow

  1. Distance (Japanese)
  2. Alive (Japanese)
  3. Meotojite (Japanese)
  4. Light and Shadow (English)
  5. My Life Again (Japanese)
  6. Riven (English)
  7. Gift (Japanese)

Shaylee original 1st album "Light and Shadow" was released! Songwriting by Shaylee and musical arrangement and sound produce by Tamiya Terashima. And support guitarist by Sean Whelan.


Japanese singer songwriter and recording artist of classical crossover music. Vocal and guitar's album "Traditional songs" was released on 2015. Recorded Irish folk songs, Scottish folk songs, British folk songs and American folk songs.... SEGA smartphone games new "PhantasyStar" series was released on November 2018 and Shaylee was singing opening song and insert songs. And original 1st album "Light and Shadow" released on December 2018. There are many songs on the ShayleeMusic channel of youtube.

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