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Shaylee original 1st album "Light and Shadow" was released! Songwriting by Shaylee and musical arrangement and sound produce by Tamiya Terashima. And support guitarist by Sean Whelan.

Past Rank In

Light and Shadow

iTunes Store • World TOP ALBUMS • Canada • TOP 4 • 12 Jan 2021 Apple Music • World Top Albums • Taiwan, Province of China • TOP 150 • 3 Dec 2020

Alive (Japanese)

iTunes Store • World TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 34 • 18 Aug 2019

Riven (English)

iTunes Store • World TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 14 • 1 Oct 2020

Artist Profile

  • Shaylee

    Shaylee is Japanese singer songwriter,vocalist and recording artist of film music. Shaylee changed artist name to "Shaylee Mary" from 2021. Vocal and guitar's album "Traditional songs" was released on 2015. Recorded Irish folk songs, Scottish folk songs, British folk songs and American folk songs. Original 1st album "Light and Shadow" released on December 2018. Shaylee participates in various anime, games and movies as a recording singer. SEGA games "Idola PhantasyStar Saga" 2018 Opening,Insert,Theme Songs / TV Anime "Monster Girl Docter" 2020 Insert song "Water flows down passages / Fate StayNight Heavens Feel3 Insert Song / Japanese TV drama 2020, and so on.

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