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'Berlin Forest' is the 5th single of kiss the gambler, produced by Takujuro Iwade and recorded at his home studio "Butsuma Sounds". Kanafun (kiss the gambler) writes her trip memories in Berlin, the contents of the book, "Man's Search For Meaning" by Viktor Frankl, and her dark school days.

Performed by
Akisampo (Cho.)
Takujuro Iwade (E. Gt., Cho. | Honjitsu Qyen)
amaen (Cho.)
Kanafun (Vo., Key.)
Yunosuke Kawamura (Key., Cho.| THE ROMANS)
Hayato Sakuragi (Ba.)
Takumi Higuchi (Dr. | Honjitsu Qyen)
Yashiki (A. Gt., Cho.)

Mixed by
Yunosuke Kawamura
Michihiro Katayama

Mastered by
Michihiro Katayama

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Berlin Forest

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  • kiss the gambler

    kiss the gambler is a Japanese indie pop singer-songwriter famous for her nostalgic worldview and rich sensibility. With a breathtakingly transparent voice like that of a boy before his voice change, as well as the rhythmic lyrics that penetrate into the audience's heart, kiss the gambler's music is highly evaluated and commonly described as addictive and evocative. Based in Tokyo, kiss the gambler began performing live in 2018 singing with a piano and sometimes in band sets. In the summer of 2021, she released her first album "Mokusou (Meditation)" on CD, cassette tape and music subscription services, followed by a 7-inch record ''Fresh'' and an LP record version of "Mokusou (Meditation)" both released in April 2022 with Rhion Record. From May 2022, she is having her first national tour together with Kazaho Okabayashi, a singer-songwriter from Gifu, Japan.

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