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'No.1' is a very popular song at live venue shows.
It is a love song depicting the heart.
It has been over three years to release a singles song since the first single song 'Lie or Love', which was released for distribution in December 2021.

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iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 9 • 13 Mar 2024

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    ELBRUNCH The man who mixes the genre of R&B/HIP HOP/REGGAE/ELECTRO/ROCK. He sings, raps and beat boxes to get the crowd go wild and spread happiness at the same time. He excites everyone with his musical world and the lyrics that goes straight to the heart. He's a singer songwriter, actor, beat boxer, track maker, producer and a painter. A multi talented artist with two names. ELBRUNCH's 'EL' stands for 'LEORI' which is his main name as an artist. BRUNCH has the meaning 'a great morning on a day off'. The name has a wish that all the songs will make you feel just like that.

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