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Featuring Japanese Choral Works for Mixed Voices, composed by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P), an award-winning Japanese composer/conductor.
Choral Suite: Boku-no Kioku-no Dokokani (Somewhere in My Memory), Choral Suite: Yozora-no Kioku-no Dokokani (Memory of the Night Sky), Neko-no Okurimono (A Gift from Cats), Ima (This Moment), Kasanaru Koe-ni (To Layered Voices), Omoi-nga Ima (Ode to Expression), Tsuna'ngari (Connection), E'ngao-no Maho (The Magic of a Smile), Mae-e (Foward). Booklet in English and Japanese.

Artist Profile

  • Chorus Central

    Chorus Central was founded in 2015 by its conductor, Kentaro Sato for the express purpose of making recordings. Singers from all over Japan meet once a year for a practice camp and recording session. The nucleus of the Chorus originally was provided by members of Nagoya Youth Choir, which Sato conducted in 2013 and 2014.

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