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"Tap Out" by Kaikun has a fresh sound meshing together guitar, rhythmic vocals, and rap. Intricacies in the vocals by Kaikun and beat by Nonchan blend together in a way that makes the song easy to listen to. A simple topline for the hook for everyone to remember, and complex melodies and flows in the verse. "Tap Out" provides listeners with plenty of interesting sounds while also being easy to remember.

Singing about long lost love and a rough situation, "Tap Out" has a meaning that many of us can relate to.

Artist Profile

  • Kaikun

    Born in Boston Massachusetts in 2003, Kaikun spent his developing years in America before moving to Japan as a young teen. Spending primary developing years as a teenager in Japan he has grown a liking to music being influenced by both American and Japanese pop. As a bilingual artist, he incorporates both English and Japanese in his music, a vital component of his songwriting skills that separates him from the rest of the music scene in Japan. For three years he has been releasing various albums with over one hundred songs on SoundCloud alongside his close friend Nonchan. In 2021, his talent was discovered by a studio recording group based in Tokyo. Since then he has been able to consistently make professional-quality songs at a rapid pace due to his ability to freestyle melodies over beats. The focal point of his style is the unorthodox top lines he creates for his songs. Currently, he has over 50 of his best songs to date waiting to be released. He also has been writing songs for Major Labels in Japan. Being able to both rap and sing, his career is promising as his diversity shines through the Japanese musical artist scene in 2022.

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