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He is an Electronic, R&B and POP singer-songwriter. He sings with a gentle and sensational mixed voice and has many addictive catchphrases. His first EP, "Now the Won," released last September, became No.1 on the Hong Kong electronic music charts. It also reached 9th on the iTunes Store album ranking. The number of enthusiastic fans are increasing both in and out of his home country. The song he wrote to his old friend at the end of last year "Bibouroku Self-cover Ver." Was played 1.5 million times on a single day on TikTok.

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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP MUSIC VIDEOS • Japan • TOP 11 • 10 Dec 2023 LINE MUSIC • ミュージックビデオ Top 100 リアルタイム • Japan • TOP 26 • 19 Jul 2023 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP MUSIC VIDEOS • Japan • TOP 37 • 10 Dec 2023

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  • TakaseToya

    Born November 26, 1996 Electronic, R & B, POPS singer-songwriter from Aichi prefecture His refined sensational mixed voice and highly addictive catchy phrases are his characteristics. His 1st EP "Now the Won" released in September 2020 was No. 1 on the electronic top chart in Hong Kong and No. 9 on the iTunes Store (Hong Kong) general top album. The number of fans has increased rapidly in the area. He also released a mini album "MEMO RANDUM" on June 9, 2021. No. 1 on the Hong Kong Electronic Top Chart and No. 16 on the iTunes Store (Hong Kong) Comprehensive Top Album Achieved a double crown with her previous work. He provided songs to his old friend artist, and self-covered, "Bibouroku Self Cover Ver.", Which has exceeded 20 million views on social media. TikTok recorded 1.5 million playbacks in a day It became a song that attracted attention by linking with a wide range of love affairs from young Japanese to adults. Released on January 31, 2022 In his 2nd EP "The 1st of the 13th month", He recorded the top chart of the album not only in Asia centering on Hong Kong but also in Europe such as Austria. He is a important artist whose worldwide activities cannot be overlooked.

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