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2024年N.B.S再始動の火付け役として2009年以来のリリースとなるFRONT LINE!”継続は力なり”を体現した力強いリリックでリスナーの耳に届ける。racci、PNKの毛色の異なるoriginalなラップがうまく融合し、REALな言霊を世の中にお届けする。従来のN.B.SとこれからのN.B.Sの活動スタイルをリリックでうまく表現しており、リスナーに強い思いを届ける。シーンの主流スタイルとは異なる古くて新しい、新しくて古いN.B.Sに大注目!2024年のHIPHOPオープニングを飾るにふさわしい作品となること間違いなし!

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  • N.B.S

    2-MC RAP unit of PNK and racci, released their first single "CULTURE KNOWLEDGE" in 2009. After a number of activities, in 2013, they moved on as 2 MCs of the mixing band FATIMA and released an album with a nationwide release. In 2023, they resumed full-fledged activities as N.B.S., and have been active ever since. They are planning to release a series of new albums in the future and to be active energetically. Don't miss racci's flowing musical flow with a street vibe, and PNK's uniquely timed flow and solid rhymes. PNK also produces tracks that are based on 90s boombop, but build on the new normal HIPHOP tracks. The REAL HIPHOP expressed by the two with their unique worldview is a must-check!

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