When the neon sign turns on

  1. When the neon sign turns on

【When the neon sign turns on】
かつて太鼓Dub Breakbeat Band【ngoma】の太鼓プレイヤーとしてクラブ/フェスシーンを賑わせ、 現在はプロ太鼓奏者として第一線で活動するTakayuki Hashiguchiによる和太鼓を使用したビートシリーズ第一弾。太鼓奏者の活動と並行してHipHopを軸にしたビートメイカーとしてのキャリアを持つ独特のスタンスで、単なるイロモノではない太鼓サウンドをビートに共存させる。

今作 [When the neon sign turns on] はコロナ禍の中とかく槍玉に挙げられがちな「夜の街」に活き活きと生きる人の活力に想いを馳せた一曲。


Taiko player / Beat maker 
Takayuki Hashiguchi

The Taiko player / Beat maker from Tokyo Japan. His father was also Taiko player so naturally got familiar with Taiko from childhood and became a professional Taiko player when was 23.
After few years of training period, form several unit such as "Himukashi" "ONE VISION" "Zangetsu" and have been touring around over 13 countries. 
Play style is based on Tokyo's traditional Naname-Uchi, but also mixing up various styles of all over the country and add feelings of various kind of music and modern drumming techniques to it,.
 On the other side, Have been creating another type of music(mainly HipHop and other Black music) with DAW for 20 years and Form a Dub-Breakbeats band[ngoma]which consists from Taiko/percussion/Bass/sax/finger drumming/scratch/dub mix. Have released 4 single vinyl and 1 full album till today and it on aired several times on "Worldwide" which is radio program of Gilles Peterson on BBC. Support and Co-staring Wagakki-Band / Shonan no Kaze / Momoiro Clover Z/ Ikuko Kawai /etc.. 


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