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  1. Please do not be happy (feat. Harutya)
  2. Melancholy of the New World (feat. SiN)
  3. I want to see you (feat. Kopi)
  4. Summer love (feat. Harutya)
  5. Haru ni yuraredo kimi omou (feat. Kopi)
  6. Love letter (feat. Harutya)
  7. Words search (feat. Kopi & SiN)
  8. Outro

The long-awaited 2nd original album of Kobasolo with YouTube total number of reproductions 700 million times and the number of subscribers exceeding 1.7 million!
A collection of works ranging from rock tune where edge coveted rock tune woven by Harutya, Kopi, SiN to vocalist with unique melodic sense of Kobasolo to magnificent pop ballad!


I'm kobasolo, a singer-songwriter. I give acoustic performances of both cover songs and originals. I have put a lot of videos on YOUTUBE. Please come to play in the world of Kobasolo.

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