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The second single of SOMNiiNG whose first single called for an echo on the radio etc.
Collaboration with Okinawa Prefecture Motobu-cho Tourism Association realized the same as last time. Official image song of "Yae-dake Sakura Festival".

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  • SOMNiiNG

    Takeshi Hamabe, who was active in the national tournament at "Hamonep" during high school, and then produced club scenes and charity CDs (1 million yen raised for crowdfunding). Formed on the moon. The band name "SOMNiiNG (summing)" is a coined word in which various languages ​​are interwoven, and it means "to play dreamy music." .. In July 2018, produced the official regional revitalization theme song "Yukuru Town with Flowers" in Okinawa Motobu Town and performed live in Okinawa. Released in November only for distribution, it will be featured on radio such as Nack5. In January 2019, the official image song "sakura sunset" of "Yaedake Sakura Festival in Motobu-cho, Okinawa Prefecture" was also produced.The 3rd single "Tokinota Bibito" released in June 2019 has been arranged by Jun Jun Murayama, who also produces Elephant Kashimashi. Even at Inter FM "future note" where Bunke Blanca and sumika also appeared, Jun Jun Murayama works as a personality, and is recommended as the artist of choice. In July 2019, he also appeared at the Okinawa Ocean Expo held in Motobu, Okinawa.

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