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Woman (From the Movie "W no higeki") [Cover]
/ No. 096-0320-4
/ lyrics : Takashi Matsumoto
/ composer : Karuho Kureda
/ arranger : Yujiro Okazaki
/ producer : Masayoshi Okawa


Artist Profile

  • Adi Nada

    A couple unit living in Mitaka City, Tokyo. "Adinada" means "starting sound" in Sanskrit. Both Natsu and Yoshi have been active in the band Michiluca (ex.mopsy flopsy) since 2006, but in 2011 Natsu began working as an adinida. Gt. Yoshi has been active as a support guitarist for Natsu, and officially became a two-person unit in 2018. Currently, as a "Natsu & Yoshi", we are aiming to be an activity that will be familiar to a wide range of people regardless of age and gender, such as holding a story-telling party using picture books, a music concert for children, and a workshop for making musical instruments for parents and children. Natsu has sung so many TV / WEB-CM songs. Also, in the field of illustration and art, he is gradually expanding his activities to collaborate with other artists and participate in exhibitions. Yoshi works as a guitarist and composer and is also a salaryman. Information on Mitaka City is also being sent out as "Mita Kayoshi". He is also a citizen reporter of Mitaka City Tourism Association.

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