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The first "Reggae x Lo-fi " music work in Tokyo Japan.
THINK TANK Tracks, a next generation dancehall beat experimental group, presents its first project "Mirror". The first Lo-Fi Reggae-based music piece in Japan, depicting a man and a woman who spend time together with analog records life.

THINK TANK Tracks, a team of experimental beat producers and producers for the next generation of dancehall, will be active from August 2022.
The first track, "THINK TANK Tracks", is an experimental concept song that crosses the theme of "Reggaa x Lo-Fi" with an analog record, which is rapidly gaining fans among the younger generation, and features Sonia, a female reggae singer from Aomori who represents the Tohoku region.

The artwork was created by Miro, an up-and-coming street artist representing the Osaka region, who has been active in Jamaican music culture and Vinyl culture.

The first song will be released on November 3, 2022, "Japanesde Vinyl Records Day".

THINK TANK Tracks / The up-and-coming beat production team formed at the urging of JET, Founder/Producer of the Product first "Tokyo" brand Upsetters (, which starts with one-of-a-kind product art/arts and crafts works, experimenting with reggae-based, next-generation dancehall beats.

Upsetters has been introducing 45rpm record adapter pieces with a crown motif to analog record lovers around the world since 2020, based on the concept of the analog record re-movement, in which music is owned in a physical medium.

It is a made-in-Japan brand with a new origin "the Product First" that has released a number of collection pieces interspersed with Jamaican music culture, the origin of JET, the producer of Upsetters.

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