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To you...

Aki Mizuki

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This time's work "To you..."
Only the original songs that I longed for
This is a recorded album.
The song "Anata e..." is based on my own experience.
Original work
I was in charge of writing the lyrics
Naoyuki Kan based on my experience story
I wrote down the song and lyrics.
I think all women can sympathize with this.

Artist Profile


    Singer from Chiba On February 14, 2018, she made her major debut with "Twilight Sonata" from Teichiku Entertainment. On October 14, 2020, she released her long-awaited mini-album "Anata e...". She is currently active as a member of Minako Honda's Live for Life Minako Donation. Her catchphrase is "Reiwa no Showa Singer" Representative works: Dusk Sonata, Ginza Oiran Monogatari, To you..., darling, lonely, drizzle, heavenbeach of hot sand, bathed in light, demon feelsogood, goddess of awakening, etc.

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