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Heart Sutra

Seeds of Earth


観自在菩薩 行深般若波羅蜜多時


度一切苦厄 含利子

色不異空 空不異色

色即是空 空即是色

受想行識亦復如是 含利子


不生不滅 不垢不浄

不増不減 是故空中

無色 無受想行識

無眼耳鼻舌身意 無色声香味触法

無眼界 乃至無意識界

無無明亦 無無明尽

乃至無老死 亦無老死尽

無苦集滅道 無智亦無得 以無所得故

菩提薩埵 依般若波羅蜜多故

心無罣礙 無罣礙故

無有恐怖 遠離一切顛倒夢想





是大神呪 是大明呪

是無上呪 是無等等呪

能除一切苦 真実不虛

故說般若波羅蜜多呪 即說呪曰

羯諦 羯諦 波羅羯諦 波羅僧羯諦



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Xin On Front Cover

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  • 1

    Prologue -Xin-

    Seeds of Earth

  • 2

    The myth of Izanagi and Izanami

    Seeds of Earth

  • 3

    Smile of Buddha

    Seeds of Earth

  • ⚫︎

    Heart Sutra

    Seeds of Earth

  • 5

    Mölkky in the forest

    Seeds of Earth

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    Seeds of Earth

  • 7

    Festival of the dragons

    Seeds of Earth

  • 8

    KARMA the beats

    Seeds of Earth

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    Seeds of Earth

  • 10

    Blue doragon fountain

    Seeds of Earth

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    Seeds of Earth

  • 12

    Praying for love and peace

    Seeds of Earth

  • 13

    Knot -Yui-

    Seeds of Earth

  • 14

    Epilogue -On-

    Seeds of Earth

This is the fifth full-length album by the plant music unit Seeds of Earth, formed in November 2017 by Chiyo Kaiga and Kackey@dabigtree.
This album brings a mythological worldview to the forefront while incorporating plenty of mantra and plant music.

1. Prologue -Xin-
2. The myth of Izanagi and Izanami
3. Smile of Buddha
4. Heart Sutra
5. Mölkky in the forest
6. Polaris
7. Festival of the dragon
8. KARMA the beats
9. Tonerico
10. Blue doragon fountain
11. Ogatama
12. Praying for love and peace
13. Knot -Yui-
14. Epilogue -On

1,3,5,9,11,12,13,14: with Music of the Plants

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  • Seeds of Earth

    Music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth" released 1st Album [A Gift from the Forest] !! Piano & Vocal Chiyo Kaiga African Djembe & Vocal Kackey@dabigtree Let's listen to the voice of the earth... Profile: Music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth" The plant music unit "Seed of Earth", formed in the fall of 2017, is a duo of piano & vocal Chiyo Kaiga, African djembe & vocal Kackey@dabigtree (known as his nickname "Kackey"). Each is a singer-songwriter who combines European-born pianos, African drums and mixed vocals to create music from the inspiration felt by all things in the world. They are also good at improvising to create music on the spot, using the device of Music of the Plants called "Bamboo" developed in northern Italy, and they do session with the music of the plants as if talking with them. Based in Kansai area of Japan, they have been performing at various places in Japan and overseas, including performances at shrines and temples such as Izanagi Jingu Shrine and Todaiji Temple, etc.

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