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Passionate metalcore band HALO from Tokushima, Shikoku will release a new album for the first time in 6 years!

A new answer to the metal scene from Tokushima, Shikoku "HALO" is back!
HALO's latest work, with the return of vocalist N.HOMARE, puts a realistic answer to this era in the lyrics and sound, creating a unique emotional sound with a positive message while being a passionate sound. Experience the real and emotional sound of HALO!

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iTunes Store • Metal TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 5 • 7 Apr 2023

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  • HALO

    Formed in Tokushima, Shikoku with Tetsu (Ba/CRACK ADDICT) as the center, Kyon (Dr/Gai Nega), Homare (Vo/Anti discriminations to die), and Makito (Gu/CRACK ADDICT). In early 2013, ex.VERTEX's Ryota (Gu) and Hiroki (Gu) joined. The style has been renewed due to the member change. The positive message and its diverse musicality have a unique atmosphere, sometimes rough, sometimes sad, and sometimes divine. Based on metal screamo, electro sounds are layered, and the song, which sings with beautiful melodies inherited from V-kei and passionate screams directly from loud, can be said to be a new answer to the rock scene. In February 2015, the 1st EP and 2nd EP coupling 2CD "Holy And Lost Origin" was released from 413TRACKS, which had been sold out. HALO's first nationwide distribution board. In September of the same year, a 4-song EP titled "Kouhatsu-sama, Koshasu-basho" was released from 413TRACKS. In August 2017, released EP "Tsubasa/Kiseki, Zoku Mirai" sold only at live venues. In September of the same year, although it was just after starting activities under the new system, they announced that they would enter the production period at the end of the self-organized event at Tokushima club GRINDHOUSE in the same month. Various circumstances overlap and live activities will be suspended. However, it wasn't a complete hiatus, but it was little by little, but I was doing songwriting and rehearsals behind the scenes as much as possible. Ryota and Tetsu will participate in the one-day revival live performance of the band Meties, which was performed by Kaya, a senior visual kei singer from Tokushima. Etc., individual activities are also developed. There was also an eyewitness report that someone who looked like a member of HALO was seen at a live performance of a mysterious masked band...? In February 2022, after more than three years of hiatus, it was announced that live activities would resume from the Tokushima club GRINDHOUSE performance the following month. Arranged and re-recorded "Ryusei" (included in the EP "Kohotsusho, Koshasubasho") participated in the omnibus CD of the magazine WeROCK, and released the lyric video, raising the signal of revival. HALO was running on its own loud rock route incorporating various styles, but the destination of the new HALO is "METAL". It seems that each member is trying to return to their roots, and is particularly conscious of 00's metal core and melodic death metal. Expectations are rising for the future of "metal band" HALO.

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