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"DJ YAGI" has been active as a psychedelic trance DJ for nearly 20 years.

While maintaining his reverence for the old school sound, he has produced innovative psychedelic trance tracks that evolve with the times. At last, "DJ YAGI" has finally released a full-length album from his own label "MILLENNIAL TRAXXX".

"PSYSEX" was co-produced with "bar:D suzuki", the RESIDENT DJ of WARP SHINJUKU, which was ranked #53 in 2021 in "DJ Mag TOP 100 CLUBS", the world's most authoritative nightclub ranking held annually by "DJ Mag", the world's most authoritative DJ information magazine.

"bar:D suzuki" is an energetic DJ who has a tough set schedule of 700 sets for 290 days a year, which is unprecedented for a female DJ, and her bold and powerful performance is well supported by women.

The collaborative music of these two DJs will ensure the future of psychedelic trance culture and energy in Japan.

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iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 19 Nov 2021

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Apple Music • 78 musi-curate TuneCore Japan zone • 30 Nov 2021 Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 20 Nov 2021

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    He started his DJ career in 2002, and plays more than 150 DJ sets a year at major clubs and festivals all over Japan. He is highly acclaimed for his outstanding mix work and original sound stories that rock the floor with vibes. His highly acclaimed mix work and original sound story that rocks the floor vibe. His official releases in Japan so far amount to more than 30 titles, and his original music has been The original track has been ranked No. 1 in the dance music single category on the iTunes Store for two consecutive releases, and the mix compilation has been ranked No. 1 in the dance music album category on the iTunes Store. mix compilations have been ranked No. 1 in the dance music album category on the iTunes Store for three consecutive releases. This is a remarkable accomplishment for a Japanese DJ. He has also been selected to tour with the world's top artists on their solo performances in Japan, and has performed with many of the world's top artists. He has performed with many of the world's top artists. In recent years, he has been selected to perform solo with "ALAN WALKER ALAN WALKER JAPAN TOUR 2018" and "MARSHMELLO's first large-scale solo Japan tour. MARSHMELLO JAPAN TOUR 2019", which was selected as the main stage. In 2019, he will also perform at Japan's largest scale general music festival [SUMMER SONIC 2109]. ULTRA JAPAN], Japan's largest EDM festival, in 2018, 2019, and 2022. He is one of the few DJs in Japan to have performed at Japan's largest EDM festival, ULTRA JAPAN, three times in 2018, 2019, and 2022.

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  • DJ bar:D suzuki

    Six months after her debut, she went to the MALTA Republic in Europe by herself. In a country where I didn't know anyone, and with the handicap of the language barrier, I went to a club called Paceville every night to get a feel for the scene, and spent my days going to havana CLUB, the most popular club in Paceville, to ask them to set up an audition. About two weeks after I arrived in Europe, I had an audition at havana CLUB. He cleared the two-day audition and became the first Asian DJ exclusive to havana CLUB. At the same time, he also became a regular DJ at Level 22club, which is attached to the tallest hotel in Japan, located in the resort hotel district of Saint Julian. By working 5 days a week at havana CLUB, going to Level22club on his days off, and working beach parties and pool parties during the day, he was able to achieve his initial goal and gain experience as a DJ. In 2018 She was selected as the opening member of WARP SHINJUKU, which will be grand opening in October. She is the only female DJ to be appointed as Resident DJ. Year 2020 Selected as a regular DJ for POWER PLAY, which focuses on psychedelic sound. Her insight and exquisite sense of style that she has developed in the field creates a sense of unity on the floor, and her bold and powerful performances are highly popular among women. She continues to work hard to meet a schedule of 290 days and 700 sets per year, an unprecedented number for a female DJ.

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