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Hitomi Sano 9th Digital Single.
Happiness, sorrow, surprise, tears, laughter, everything in our daily life is dazzlingly precious.

Artist Profile

  • Hitomi Sano

    Born July 25, 1995 Born in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture Graduated from Osaka Junior College of Music Popular Course A piano-playing singer-songwriter who is active mainly in the Kansai region. In addition to live houses, commercial facilities, and event venues, he is also active in online distribution such as YouTube and TwitCasting. YouTube has surpassed 30,000 subscribers and has more than 10,000 video views daily. At TwitCasting, the total number of viewers exceeded 1.74 million and the number of registered notifications exceeded 44,500. Has a reputation for powerful piano touch and clear singing voice, and from experience of touching music other than J-POP such as Western music, chorus, traditional music, dance music, swing range from those with lyrics to instrumental songs We are producing a wide range of music. He has a special skill that can be expanded from any topic, and in Kansai he has experience in charge of two crown programs at live MCs and community radio stations. She is also good at chorus, and has participated in many choruses and chorus allen in artist-released songs and one-man live performances.

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