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昨年YouTubeで公開し8万回再生されるなど話題となった「白日 / King Gnu」のWITHDOMカバー音源が遂にリリース決定!

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iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 20 Mar 2021 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 144 • 20 Mar 2021

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    Formed in Kyoto in 2017, they are the only artists to be appointed as Kyoto Tourism Global Supporters in August 2022. Boyz II Men praised their singing ability and introduced them to the world, and Sota Hanamura of Da-iCE praised their singing ability, etc. Three vocalists SMOOTH, ROY, and Ryo with their individual personalities, and rapper SHVNYA who can harmonize with them. 4-member vocal "performance WITHDOM is a four-piece vocal "performance" group from Kyoto, Japan. The full album "Synergy" released in 2021 ranked No. 1 in 18 categories on iTunes, and "Escape," "Without you," and "Kotonoha" were long-time hits. From September 2022, "Trippin' on you", "Garden", and "Blue", a trilogy of love songs distributed for three consecutive months, were released on various sub-subscription sites, and "Trippin' on you" ranked No. 2 in the J-POP weekly ranking on the Indonesian FM chart. On November 30, 2022, the official cover "Listening to Olivia (Cover)" was released, and the arrangement, which blended WITHDOM's unique vocal work and sense of sound with the original song, was also highly acclaimed. A MINI ALBUM "ANAGRAMS" was released on December 14, 2022. On March 22, 2023, they released their fifth full album "5:8" which includes songs from their two MINI ALBUMs "JUK3BOX" and "ANAGRAMS" and three new album tracks. The song "Universe" from "5:8" was selected for the J-POP power play of Starbucks and DJFM, an FM station in Indonesia, and "Blue" was used in a WebTV commercial. Goodbye," a sequel to "Blue," was selected for TuneCore Japan's INDEPENDENT AF campaign, and the commercial aired on street visions in Shibuya. They have released official cover versions of King Gnu's "Hakuhi", ORIGINAL LOVE's "Kiss", YOASOBI's "Gunsei" cover, Yamashita Tatsuro's "RIDE ON TIME" which was introduced in Indonesia, Thailand, USA, Brazil, etc., and their original song "Tetris" was featured in the JPOP Weekly chart of the FM "DJFM" in Surabaya, Indonesia. Tetris" and "RIDE ON TIME" entered the Top 5 on the Indonesian FM "DJFM" JPOP Weekly Chart for two consecutive weeks. They have also been introduced on the French FM "Radio Canut" and are attracting worldwide attention. The official cover album "Somesing Else" featuring official covers by King Gnu, ORIGINAL LOVE, Yumi Matsutoya, YOASOBI, Tatsuro Yamashita, etc., has received high acclaim. LOVE" released in August 2023 was selected in about 20 playlists overseas. Ghost" from the mini-album "Dimension" released in December 2023 was introduced as a recommended song by THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE member Koushu Suzuki in the "RMPG DOPE STAITON" program and aired on air. The first one, "KILALI" released on 1/15, and the second one, "VENUS" released on 2/12, will both be selected in the official playlists of Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, AWA, etc. playlists. The third release, "All my life," composed and vocally produced by Kaoru Kurosawa of the Gospellers, will be released on March 26, the day WITHDOM was formed, to commemorate the band's 7th anniversary. The melody and sound of this 6/8 time medium slow ballad composed by Kaoru Kurosawa of the Gospellers is a perfect balance of R&B and J-POP, and the lyrics of straight pure love by WITHDOM leaders SMOOTH and SHVNYA. The sweet and passionate vocal and chorus work directly from Kaoru Kurosawa of the Gospellers makes this a must-listen love song. In 2024, this vocal group is attracting attention for its further progress.

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