1. fluid

music & score : Kenta Tanaka
cover visual & movie : Yui Sakai
direction & edit : Asuka Wakida
IBE is an online shop that selects things and creations like art pieces that go far beyond existing frameworks. This music, featuring sound artist and urban musician, Kenta Tanaka, is an attempt to create a soundtrack of IBE's worldview.

On a midsummer night, drifting through a steaming city, your consciousness gradually liquefies and you feel as if you are floating. Your head is fuzzy, but your mind and body are somehow melting away. A feeling that we have all remembered on a summer night surrounds the listener. As the night deepens, the consciousness becomes even freer, inviting the listener to transcend time and space, to somewhere other than here.

At a time when the balance with society is changing so much and it is so easy to fall into introspection, if you could make time to free your consciousness for just a few minutes. Then, let your consciousness drift freely, and let it drift to the place of your choice. I hope that this work, based on the theme of "fluid," will change its shape fluidly through the free imagination of the listener, and will accompany you on your journey of consciousness.


IBE is an online shop which selects the art pieces from Japan and various countries regardless the genres. They go far beyond categories such as art, design, craft and fashion.

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