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KAKIKUKEN Official Hiroshima Oyster Rooters' Song
[Hiroshima Oyster Song]
Lyrics : Hisatsugu Kato
Music : Shoun Tsukiyama
Arrangement : Takane Oda(MAKINE)
Produce : CompAny

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    Singer / Talent Many appearances such as live performances and events centering on Hiroshima(Japan). Original songs are also used for TV commercials and theme songs, and gain support from a wide range of generations. His music has been charting in Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates at No. 1 on the distribution store "Apple Music", attracting attention overseas. He sang the national anthem at the "Carp vs. Giant Battle" held at Mazda Stadium in 2016. Challenges a wide range of genres such as TV commercials, narration, dramas and movies as well as music activities. In 2017, he was appointed as Kitahiroshima Town Ambassador and actively participated in tourism PR and charity activities. I aim to be an artist who can come into contact with people through songs.

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