1. moonlight

January 26, 2020 release. It is recommended to the fusion - AOR fan of Yuki Enomoto original first album "moonlight" of the jazz saxophone player former times

Yuki Enomoto

Born in 1996. Born in Osaka Prefecture. In childhood Being influenced by the performers who saw the theme park, he became interested in entertainment and joined the brass band of Kyoto Tachibana High School. Performed at the Rose Parade, a performance at Disneyland, California. He also performs Japanese television programs and shows all over Japan, and aims to become a performer in earnest, and goes on to a jazz course at the Osaka College of Music. While studying, studied under Mitsuhiro Furuya. The first CD album was released on January 26, 2020. He has expanded his range of activities from his own life activities to backpacking support for TV programs and TV shows on the media idle group.

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