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The theme of the event is "Mickie Yoshino's Lucky 70 Festival [KoKi]" , which celebrates his 70th birthday in December this year, and is based on the theme of "creating and delivering the current thoughts of Mickie Yoshino, a legend with a 55-year history of activities, across various generations through the music he has created. DEAD END ~ LOVE FLOWERS PROPHECY", which was announced to be produced by Seiji Kameda, is finally completed. With track maker / MPC player STUTS and rapper Campanella as the featured artists, "DEAD END ~ LOVE FLOWERS PROPHECY" carries an even stronger message with respect to the original song and a new attempt.

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  • Mickie Yoshino

    Piano, Hammond Organ, Keyboards- Composer, Arranger & Producer. Born in 1951 in Yokohama, Japan. In 1968, he participated in "The Golden Cups" who was said to be one of the most powerful Rock band of Japan in 60's and made a pro debut. He studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1971, and also performs band activities in the United States. After graduating in 1974, after returning home to form an ideal band "Godiego", after forming "Mickey Yoshino Group", he formed "Godiego" in 1976. Godiego creates hit songs such as "Gandhara" and "Monkey Magic", while performing a concert in Nepal, China, the United States and Australia, it becomes a legendary band occupying a unique position in Japanese rock history. "The Water Margin." The song got up to number 16 in the UK singles chart. He has also produced numerous hits in movie and CM music production, and won the 2004 Japan Academy Award for Best Music in the movie "Swing Girls" (Altamira Pictures). In 2004, the Golden Cups resumed activities of Godiego in 2006.

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