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Passionate and futuristic digital piano trio jazz music. In addition to the passionate piano and drum performances, we asked Jaco Pastorius-like passionate and eloquent electronic fretless bass to participate in the bass, creating a passionate and futuristic completely original music with a strong impact as a whole. This is the 29th song of digitalDuo-G3, a senior fusion duo that started two years ago. The title of the song, Procellarum, comes from the name of the stormy sea on the moon. I'm happy that it looks a bit like Palladium from my favorite Weather Report. We made 28 songs for the digitalDuo-G3 in 2 years, so we took a little break, but for some reason we saw an intense piano trio on Youtube. Mr. Chick Korea, Ms. Hiromi Uehara, Ms.Riyoko Takagi. So we thought we'd like to create one too, so we created this powerful digital piano trio piece. The song has a strong rhythm from beginning to end. Digital piano trio music full of live feeling. I took a lot of time to create this song, which is rare, so we think we might have a strong attachment to it. We hope you all enjoy it.

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  • digitalDuo-G3

    Digital Jazz Fusion unit; digitalDuo-G3(dDG) The duo jazz fusion unit that resists the atmosphere of this modern society, which is cool, smart and teleworking, and continues to create hot music that is crude but fundamental and full of passion. Their creative approach is completely digital and teleworking "improvisational composing". Their maturity has already reached the third grade. The digital piano player "chairhouse", who presides over "piano ten thousand leaves", and the poetic drummer "ossie" have resumed their activities for the first time in 42 years by a miraculous telework reunion. The journey to meet people who love jazz fusion music, which may still remain in the world, has begun. Their performance, gradually refining their rusty music playing skills, is full of enthusiasm to somehow create the best music by the time they die. Their strong desire is to gain the power of digital and "explosionly evolve." They see that one day they will create the best performances that are described as the treasures of mankind. Would you like to support them? ** members ** chairhouse (Hitoshi Yasui) - other digital performances ossie (Yuichiro Akatsuka) - drums and percussion

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