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    One of the few Japanese DJs with an aggressive and world-style MC as his weapon. From an early age, he devoted himself to Japanese drums and started his musical life, becoming deeply familiar with music such as dance, guitar, bass, drums, and singing. The wide variety of musicality that he cultivated came to Tokyo and blossomed as a DJ. At the beginning of his debut, he was mainly active in EDM / HOUSE, but when he met the Mexican label "Harsh Records", he woke up to underground genres such as bass music. Bass House / Dubstep / Trap / Future Bass / Hard Psy / Hardcore / Happy Hardcore / Drum&Bass etc. While continuing to perform regularly at popular clubs in Tokyo and co-starring with overseas artists, his high technical skills and deep and wide-ranging expertise have been highly evaluated, and since 2016 he has become Japan's No. , Japan's largest music vocational school "Tokyo School of Music Vocational School" as an exclusive instructor, conveying many techniques and expertise to the next generation of DJs, and in 2022, the world's three largest festivals "ULTRA JAPAN 2022". Appear on. Having started his musical career with taiko drums, he has absorbed dance music from around the world, and as a player and instructor in a position where he has the most influence on young people, he continues to give dreams and hopes to the next generation of young people.

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