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Japanese Melody Homeland Journey

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The selection of music from a long-lived TV program called "Homeland Journey" and a documentary film called "Japanese Scenery" in Japan. The music is perfect for background music of Japanese scenery or Japanese culture.

"Japanese Spring" was made with using 10 synthesizers without multi recording. This was an improvisation performance by Hiro Fujikake and broadcasted with the title " One-man Orchestra" . It was the begining og the "Solo Orchestra"

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Japanese Melody Homeland Journey

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Theme of "Homeland Journey"

iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 7 • 4 Dec 2021 Apple Music • Instrumental Top Songs • Cambodia • TOP 182 • 31 Jul 2023

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  • Hiro Fujikake

    Hiro Fujikake (birth name: Hiroyuki Fujikake) Hiro Fujikake is a Japanese composer, conductor, producer and synthesizer player. His work is not only in domestic but worldwide. He is the first Japanese composer who won the 1st prize in Queen Elisabeth International music competition in Belgium for the symphonic work "The Rope Crest" in 1977. Hiro has won numerous awards for his compositions at the most of national prestigious competitions in his early career. His composed work has been counted more than 8,000 songs including music for the television, radio, film and for special occasions such as exhibitions, like world Expo. He engaged in many of famous long-running TV programs and a collection of songs were recorded and CDs were released . Hiro also engaged in the arrangement of Japanese traditional songs for the album "Four Seasons in Japan" performed by Holliger(Ob) I Musici in 1985. This was released worldwide from Netherlands. He collaborated with the flutist Sir. James Galway and released two CDs. The first CD of "The Enchanted Forest" was recorded the Billboard Top 10 of the Classical crossover section for five months in a row(the 2nd rank was the top record) in the United States in1990. Hiro performed "solo orchestra", composed his original music and arranged Japanese fold songs for the album. Hiro's solo album of "Galactic Symphony" performed by "solo orchestra" was one of his modern art style with magnificent orchestra sounds. His compositional artwork is characterized by a wide variety including symphonies, brass band, operas, ballets, musicals, works for concert band, mandolin orchestra and traditional Japanese instruments.

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