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Composer and violinist TSUMUZI, who is highly acclaimed worldwide for his musicality specializing in five-time signatures, has composed an image song for CARVAAN, a restaurant that sublimates the food culture of foreign countries. It will be released as a pre-distribution single from TSUMUZI 6th ALBUM.
The melody is played on five-beat, bringing to mind images of men in a caravan moving through a blowing desert storm, and it's a magnificent song that befits the brand image of CARVAAN, which has carved out a path where no path existed.
Oud player Shibayama Tetsuro and Darbuka player Takseema also added to the exotic atmosphere.
This is a new signature song by composer TSUMUZI.

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    TSUMUZI / Composer, Violinist TSUMUZI is a Japanese composer, violinist who is better known as"Mr. 5 beats" "Mr. Asymmetrical Meters" by his characteristic music style. Living in Tokyo, TSUMUZI began his musical career while going a school of medicine and released his debut studio album "Devilish Waltz of A Soul - The Tango of February 26th" in 2013 after getting Doctor license. He has gone on to release four additional albums, The Guernica Dogma (2015), Libertango My Own (2016), JAPON NEO SOUL 2O2O (2019), Quintuple Meter Bible (2022), Five Beats on the Frontier(2023).

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