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Japan's strongest superhero rapper AKKO GORILLA and the notorious genre-bending producer XLII once again merge their superpowers to bring you this 90s Rave and Rock inspired burner "Say Hello!". 
It's AKKO's first release after going independent in April 2020. 
In a typical AKKO GORILLA fashion, she humorously has a poke at various coronavirus related situations whilst inadvertently driving you to "lose your sh*t" in your living room, 90s raver style. The song manages to capture a sort of nostalgic madness of rave's Golden Age while simultaneously overstepping current trends and effortlessly breaking all genre barriers.

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iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 139 • 20 May 2020

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Apple Music • New Music Daily • 15 May 2020 Spotify • Monday Spin • 18 May 2020 Spotify • Weekly Buzz Tokyo • 16 May 2020 Spotify • New Music Wednesday • 13 May 2020

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