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At an unexpected moment, due to some reason, I lost my past love (ex-lover). I remember that moment, and for some reason I suddenly feel sad... It's just my imagination, but maybe I can do it again...
Thinking about my ex-lover, who I don't know who she is with now A heart-wrenching story
that touches your heart will unfold with the snow as a turning point.
The content of the song is suitable for lovers at this time of year.

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iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 22 Dec 2023

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  • FUGA

    A singer-songwriter from Kanagawa Prefecture. The song he sang when he graduated from high school One Million Times I Love You went viral on social media. This video was the starting point for his music career. He won the grand prize out of about 4000 participants at One in a Billion sponsored by Sony Music. Even after he won the Grand Prix he continued to perform on the street and broadcast on SNS steadily spreading his charm. After that, he made his major debut with Start. He received a lot of attention as an original number for the Fuji TV drama Night Doctor. His 3rd single CANVAS will also be used as the January cool ending theme for Kiseki Taiken Unbelievable. In October 2023 he changed his name as a singer to FUGA and began activities to expand his horizons to the world. A musical feel that leans toward R&B/POP in general but combines melodies created by the guitar. A singer who is both exhilarating and sad. He has tremendous singing ability a high-pitched melody sense, and a world-class POP musicality that can range from ballads to dance tracks.

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