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Songs included in the mini album [REAL LOVE]
Record in one shot
It is an insert song for v-cinema.
Soul and adult band sound
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  • Miki Oohara

    I like R&B, SOUL, and FUNK, so I added flavors such as Jazz, pop, and Showa Kayo. With sensual adult lyrics and singing voice LIVE in action -1994 August 10 Her debut single Jeane "Omoitatta ga Kitsujitsu" (One Up Music) TV Tokyo series "Tokumitsu no TV Columbus" ending theme - 1996 October 25 Single Miki Ohara "Everybody" (One Up Music) NTV series "TV Jan! News that even Shinsuke's monkey can understand" Ending theme -1997 May 10 Single Miki Ohara "Love is not enough" (One Up Music) TV Tokyo "Kamiyacho Live" ending theme -2002 Released her mini-album LOVE NO LIMITTO "THAT'S ALLRIGHT" -2007 September Mini album Miki Ohara "REAL LOVE" released - 2023 February 23 Mini album Miki Ohara "Chain of Love." Released <Music provided> 2012.12.19 release Single GD Saori Ichiha Lyricist for her twilight rain 2012.12 OA Sun Foods Konnyaku Chip CM Song Lyrics

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