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Singer-songwriter Kaori Yamamoto composed (Rap lyrics) Ako Itani lyrics collaboration song.
Kaori Yamamoto challenges Rap for the first time.
For a city pop atmosphere that was not found in the usual songs of the two of them. An avant-garde song that sings the feelings of women living in the city.

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  • Ako Itani

    Ako Itani is an Japanese songwriter. A guitar singer who loves the overdrive sound of the 80's. The masterpiece is the CD "Shiga no Uta (Nos. 1 to 22)", which sings the charm of Shiga to No. 22. She writes and composes songs such as the classic song "Electric Gorigori" in a good mood. There are also many personality and talent activities that make use of her own talking skills. [Ako Itani official website]

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