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iTunes Store • Rock TOP MUSIC VIDEOS • Japan • TOP 2 • 27 Jan 2023 iTunes Store • Rock TOP MUSIC VIDEOS • Canada • TOP 3 • 26 Jan 2023 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP MUSIC VIDEOS • Canada • TOP 4 • 26 Jan 2023 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP MUSIC VIDEOS • Japan • TOP 11 • 27 Jan 2023 LINE MUSIC • ミュージックビデオ Top 100 リアルタイム • Japan • TOP 54 • 14 Apr 2024 Apple Music • Rock Top Videos • Taiwan • TOP 64 • 9 Apr 2024

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    Formed on September 30, 2017. A band unit consisting of 6 vocals + 7 manipulators of Clean x 3, Rap, Scream, and Shout, and developing a performance in a new artist style that neither idols nor bands nor DJs have. In both name and reality, he has begun to wear his presence as an artist, and the Nippon Budokan one-man live will be decided on March 30, 2022. Musicality is centered on metalcore, modulation and tempo change, and develops unpredictable composition and sound such as rap, jazz, EDM, etc. In chorus, catchy and emo melody is sung even after any super development. Furthermore, in the live performance, the manipulator directs the performance of the rhythm machine, guitar, etc. in real time on the sound system of 32 para-out data. In the 3rd year of formation, he has made great success in one-man live performances in big boxes such as Zepp DiverCity and Toyosu Pit, and is currently focusing on one-man tours and band-to-van. The band performers against the band include a crowd of rebellion, hysteric panic, Ailiph Doepa, AIR SWELL, and Backdrop Cinderella. Its musicality and performance have been highly evaluated in the band scene these days, and talks are also held with artists who lead the Japanese band scene, such as SILENT SIREN, SHANK, Mioyamazaki, and Mahousyoujo Ni Naritai. In addition to live activities, he has appeared on many key station programs such as Young Jump cover, Ariyoshi Hanseikai / Downtown DX, and is in charge of theme songs for "Zenryoku! Weakness Times" and "Please! Ranking", and also has a special number on Nippon Broadcasting System. It was broadcast. In addition to being named as a group that Rino Sashihara was interested in from the entertainment world, Kasuga of the comedy combination Audrey professed a fan of Shingeki on his radio program All Night Nippon, and he also visited live concerts.

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